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H-beam iron


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Iron H beam has a strong and strong strength in tensile and compressive strength, therefore Iron H beam becomes a structural element that has a perfect boundary that will withstand the type of axial tensile load, axial compression, and bending with similar facilities in the construction of its structure. The density of the H beam steel is high, but the weight ratio between the strength of the steel component H beam is also high so it is not too heavy in relation to the load capacity of the load, ensuring that the structure (construction) used is the material used efficiently.

Steel construction system H beam building is a combination of structural elements that are quite complicated. In steel structure systems H beam systems such as these can carry loads safely and effectively all the forces acting on the building are then sent to the foundation. Various loads and forces acting on buildings include vertical, horizontal, temperature, vibration and so on. In a steel building, there are always elements that function to resist gravitational forces and lateral forces.

H-Beam Iron Specification
L 150x150x7x10378

L 200x200x8x12599

L 250x250x9x14859

L 300x300x10x151128

L 250x350x12x191644

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