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Marine Equipment
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Specification of Marine Equipment

Marine Equipment
Ship Tools in Medan is a vehicle that transports passengers and goods in the sea (sea, etc.) as well as smaller canoes or boats. Ships are usually large enough to carry small boats such as lifeboats.We from PT.BINA AGUNG LESTARI sell ship tools & serve ship construction Medan services, for spefication of ship tools as follows.• Ship anchor / anchor
• Anchor chain / stud link chain
• Jankar chain accessories (kenter shackle, joining, anchor shackle swissvel piece)
• Wire pore / Wire pore slings
• Rope ship (mono pp, multi pp, nylon, PE, manila)
• Rigging (shackle, wire clip, tumbuckle, thimble, load cylinder, hook, etc.)
• Steel chain / Lifting chain
• Galvanized chains are commonly used for districts
• Chain slides
• Ship safety equipment (liferaft / skoci, life jacket, ring bouy)
• Ship lights (pendant lights, spotlights, navigation lights, barge lights, street lights)
• Webbing slings
• Anode / anti-rust
• Polyform
• Navigation tool
• Oil Water separator
•	And othersIf you need installation services you can contact us.

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