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Services Description Installation of PLUMBING Pipe Line

Pipe installation PPR MEDAN

We provide installation services for PPR pipelines. We are supported by a workforce that fulfills and is experienced in their fields so that the results of our work are satisfying.

Plumbing or plumbing is everything related to the implementation, maintenance, and repair of plumbing and pipe equipment and equipment inside or outside the building with a sanitary drainage system, rainwater drainage, water, drinking water that is connected to the city system.

In particular, the meaning of plambing is a piping system in buildings that includes piping systems for:
a. supply of drinking water
b. waste water and ven distribution
c. hot water supply
d. rainwater distribution
e. fire prevention
f. gas supply
g.AC (air conditioner)

The function of plumbing or plumbing:
a. as a drinking water supply system, providing drinking water to the desired place with sufficient pressure
b. as distribution of waste water

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